Campaign of the Month: October 2011

Gamma World: Oasis

The Eradicator


Update tonight – and by tonight, I mean before our game on Friday evening. There will be revelations galore coming soon, both for Gamma World and OOC (jeez it’s been a chaotic couple of weeks…)! (Quick notes in previous post, if you can’t wait).

OK, it’s been a few weeks, but it’s been a crazy few weeks. Thing is, family has been sick, and one of the players (my wife) managed to get herself pregnant, so, we’ve been focusing on that particular development. Yay! But, I swear, I will update this weekend.

Did I say this weekend? I totally meant as soon as possible. Where are we? Well, December’s a crazy busy month for us, but, we shall be returning in January with the Legion of Gold!

There was a low hum as our troubleshooters emerged from the UFO, thinking that their trip to the city that sat below it was among one of their dumbest ventures. But, most importantly, they had found the final component to repair the Heart of Gold. They considered, for a moment, returning to Far-Go to help the inhabitants with their plant-zombie infestation, or perhaps the liberation of the chicken-clones, but, that consideration soon passed, mostly because they were tired and wanted to go home.

They were so close to their vehicles, too, when the Eradicator finally caught up with them.

If you REALLY can’t wait:


ptfbh wha? You crazy kids and your pregnancy! get the hell outaheer!

The Eradicator
Fivegears Fivegears

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