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Gamma World: Oasis

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So, if for some reason you enjoyed this campaign’s writing, and want to help me out in the financial department, one option is to go out and buy my book on – Halcyon Collider.

When Worlds Really End

Hey folks. Short message for all you following the story of The Oasis and its inhabitants; it’s on an indefinite hiatus. Recently there’s been a death in the family, and the fallout from which has taken up any time that I might have to organize a game. Frankly, all I’m doing now is more important. Still, thank you all for keeping an eye on this – here’s hoping the Oasis can sail again sometime soon.

The Eradicator

Update tonight – and by tonight, I mean before our game on Friday evening. There will be revelations galore coming soon, both for Gamma World and OOC (jeez it’s been a chaotic couple of weeks…)! (Quick notes in previous post, if you can’t wait).

OK, it’s been a few weeks, but it’s been a crazy few weeks. Thing is, family has been sick, and one of the players (my wife) managed to get herself pregnant, so, we’ve been focusing on that particular development. Yay! But, I swear, I will update this weekend.

Did I say this weekend? I totally meant as soon as possible. Where are we? Well, December’s a crazy busy month for us, but, we shall be returning in January with the Legion of Gold!

There was a low hum as our troubleshooters emerged from the UFO, thinking that their trip to the city that sat below it was among one of their dumbest ventures. But, most importantly, they had found the final component to repair the Heart of Gold. They considered, for a moment, returning to Far-Go to help the inhabitants with their plant-zombie infestation, or perhaps the liberation of the chicken-clones, but, that consideration soon passed, mostly because they were tired and wanted to go home.

They were so close to their vehicles, too, when the Eradicator finally caught up with them.

If you REALLY can’t wait:

i don't have any paper
this is what it's come to


  • escape cockroach city
  • eradicator
  • concussion grenade
  • gak tries to machine command – fails
  • force field generated
  • q is unconcious, mutated
  • fishkiller grenade away! (mushroom)
  • crit hit against robot form kudzu (rifle)
  • mushroom – throws a syringe at Q, it breaks, giving him temp HP
  • raincaller – initial lightning misses
  • ray-gun mutates danger
  • grugnur charges out of cover to lifeleech the robot, knocks it over, runs away recklessly
  • robot stands up, floats above the cloud/forcefield
  • mushroom has no idea what’s going and decides to inflate a doll
  • doll runs away screaming “why am i alive”
  • machine command attempted again
  • gak gets hit by lightbolt by own storm
  • quorzom takes a shot, keeps mutating
  • mushroom teleports around a lot, doll approaches robot
  • gak finally commands the robot with machine command
  • “I wasn’t drinking, but Ed was”
  • grugnur makes the tractor beam malfunction, flinging into the air and back down – when it lands, she starts trying to beat it with the stop sign
  • robot is commanded to hit itself
  • kudzu mutates, then basically creates an ink-cloud
  • q tries to study it – has no idea how it works
  • matango teleports everyone away from the robot, and the robot straight up – and the doll directly below it; the doll pops, electrocuting the robot
  • gak makes it hit itself all the way down
  • danger and grungnur try to destroy it via mechanics
  • gak flies it up and cuts the engies twice
  • mushroom teleports the robot a mile up – it begins free-fall (1000 squares) – the robot regains control of itself, but, not in time – it explodes upon impact, spraying omega tech everywhere
NaNoWriMo 2011
Screen shot 2011 11 02 at 9.40.42 am

So, folks, decided that Gamma World would be an interesting subject to write up this year, so, well, that’s what I’m doing. While the events in the NaNo will be canonical to the Gamma World: Oasis game, they won’t interact directly. If there’s anyone interested in reading it as it develops, well, let me know – enough people want to see the babble, I’ll go ahead and put it up on the site. So, there we are.

Different set of characters, of course – I can’t go dictating the actions of our current troupe of sociopaths.

The Famine in Far-Go (Part 4)

Due to the director having a case of the pimp skitters, not a great deal was accomplished this episode, resulting in a “clips” episode of sorts. However, in terms of plot, there was some progress:

The troubleshooters, having “defeated” the alien menace, delved further still into the spaceship. Soon, they found that the ship itself was being scavenged from below, including the Heart of Gold component they had hoped to find! Following the tunnels from where the hull was breached (and the science got out), they soon found themselves in an underground strip-mall, long since buried under a landfill by the Ancients.

After a brief but violent encounter with a few of their inhabitants, a series of sentient cockroaches, they slipped into the bug-infested city without much further incident. After some distraction at a DVD dispensing device, they found their way to a pawn shop, where they described the part they sought.

They were sold a motor to a weed-whacker, which was, indeed, up to specifications.

Quorzom (who we discovered breathes nitrogen, so, on this planet, is high, all the time), was partially blamed for this, although the reasons were lost in the shouting, and before long, the party began to clamber back to the surface where they could finally say they did their job, probably leaving the people of Far-Go to starve.

Gamma World: Oasis SPOOKTACULAR


Are you ready to be scared out of your tiny little mind? Do you have the nerve to read beyond this sentence BOO!

You may be made of sterner stuff than we previously thought. But, will the Troubleshooters be able to withstand the horrors that are contained within the spaceship that they so callously invaded? Do they know that the aliens that they just murdered are the time-travelling cousins of the Lakota Sioux, the once indigenous-people of the Dah-Koh-Tahs? Do they know that they are now on the VERY BURIAL GROUND OF THOSE NATIVE AMERICANS?!

How could they possibly know any of that without this needless exposition?

Needless to say, when the gang from the Oasis come to discover these horrifying revelations, they will be soiling themselves, even more-so than usual! But an even more important question remains:

Who was the real murderer? VOTE HERE. Votes will be finalized on 10/28/11! (link goes to a really cheesy poll-site, but, the REAL murderer doesn’t WANT you to vote)

Looks like Matango is a cold-hearted killer – trick’s on you, though, he has no heart!

Screen shot 2011 10 28 at 7.27.10 pm
Meanwhile In Tar-Nation
Tarnation 001

No one's quite sure what Kali-4-Na was like before The Big Mistake, but ever since, it's been a huge complex of tunnels in a misshapen hunk of rock in orbit around a big greenish ball the locals call Urinous.  They say the Forebears connected the Old Tunnels together to make Kali proper out of what used to be the sewers, homes, shelters and studios of another world, but the young people, born and raised in the warrens and caverns, figured that was just as much a myth as the Thing Whose Career Wouldn't Die: Uwe Boll.

Until we found it.   

The science boys spotted it way closer to the Big Star (which some call the Sun, and others insist is named George Clooney) than they'd thought possible, but it was the right color (mostly blue-green) and the right shape (mostly round, except up at the top).  The Tunnel-Through-Nothing project immediately got retasked, and soon testing began.  

Drama Cards

Drama cards are a set of printable cards that you, as a DM, can introduce into your game as a reward for your players; give them out as a reward for your players providing you with a character history, story log, or if they go above and beyond with their in-game actions, do something amazing/funny in-game, or just outright bribe you.

This set of cards contains 180 different cards; some with mechanical effects, many with, appropriately enough, dramatic effects that may change the course of actions of an NPC, a monster, the environment or the story as a whole. The cards are sorted into different “values” – copper, silver, gold and platinum; generally reflecting how rarely you should award these cards. For example, in my campaign, I intend on printing them out in a ratio of 8:4:2:1, so that the copper cards show up a great deal more often.

The cards are also sorted by type of action – Adventure, Assist, Attack, Combat, Defense, Movement, Recovery, Subplot and Meta; these categories are pretty self-explanatory, and their purposes for drama cards are deliberately vague; it’s just another means to allow you to sort through cards you may or may not want your players to have access to, or perhaps only use in certain situations.

Using a card itself, in-game, takes no action, although there are cards that can only be used under special circumstances. There is no limit to how many cards a player may have, or how many a player may use at any given time; however, once again, this is just how I’m using them; you can limit a player to a set “hand” of cards, forcing them to discard a card if they want a new one, you may limit how many can be used at once, or when they can be used. Find the way they best suit your campaign, and use them as you see fit.

If, for some reason, you wanted to make use of the drama cards, they’re available as shared documents on Google Docs: Copper (common), Silver (uncommon), Gold (rare) and Platinum (unique) as well as the card backs.

If you use the cards in your game, I would absolutely love to see them in play; send me any pictures of the cards in action to

Let's Meet...

Gak McFlubber Te-Em
by sfaulcon

Gak headshot

Gak McFlubber(™) is a living, breathing action hero! Like all action heroes, his past is shrouded in mystery and a corporate legal department that would make giant, fire-breathing mutoids run in fear. What is important to know is that Atom Action(©) is currently spinning up production of a multitude of Gak McFlubber(™) merchandise. Be the first on your section of radiated dirt to own a Gak McFlubber(™) action figure with a kung-fu grip and working plasma cannon¹! Don’t forget the Gak Mcflubber Power Armor²!

¹ Atom Action© not responsible for damages or deaths caused by misuse of plasma cannons.
² While supplies last.


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