Campaign of the Month: October 2011

Gamma World: Oasis

The Famine in Far-Go (Part 4)


Due to the director having a case of the pimp skitters, not a great deal was accomplished this episode, resulting in a “clips” episode of sorts. However, in terms of plot, there was some progress:

The troubleshooters, having “defeated” the alien menace, delved further still into the spaceship. Soon, they found that the ship itself was being scavenged from below, including the Heart of Gold component they had hoped to find! Following the tunnels from where the hull was breached (and the science got out), they soon found themselves in an underground strip-mall, long since buried under a landfill by the Ancients.

After a brief but violent encounter with a few of their inhabitants, a series of sentient cockroaches, they slipped into the bug-infested city without much further incident. After some distraction at a DVD dispensing device, they found their way to a pawn shop, where they described the part they sought.

They were sold a motor to a weed-whacker, which was, indeed, up to specifications.

Quorzom (who we discovered breathes nitrogen, so, on this planet, is high, all the time), was partially blamed for this, although the reasons were lost in the shouting, and before long, the party began to clamber back to the surface where they could finally say they did their job, probably leaving the people of Far-Go to starve.



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