Gak McFlubber Te-Em

Once just a promo salesman for a prototype action figure, when the boss-types decided he'd make a perfect Promotion Hero after a few changes from R&D. He's not sure what happened, exactly, after the surgery.

  • Largely human appearance, although with a plastic sheen (including hair, clothing).
  • Appears to be made of some kind of viscoelastic material.
  • Occupation: Corporate Spokesperson, Bounty Hunter.
  • Armor of choice: fists, which transform into a shield (shield), salvaged Inertial Armor.
  • Weapons of choice: fists, which can grow comically large due to his plastic nature (light melee), salvaged Freeze Ray.
  • Can make short-lived duplicates of himself by distributing above material (not sure how they’re controlled).
  • Mourns the passing of each duplicate. Number of duplicates to date: 13.
  • Sponsored by a toy-manufacturing cryptic company, “Atom Action, LLC”. Definitely a company man.
  • Highly susceptible to Alpha Mutation fluxes. (Iron King, Part 1)
  • Shows signs of deep-rooted narcissism. (Iron King, Part 1)
  • Fascinated by Omega Technology, less for their impressive short-term features, but for their potential long-term uses. (Iron King, Part 2)
  • Beginning to openly resent Matango, a fellow trouble shooter, for having been affected by one of the mushroom man’s more bombastic tactics more than once. (Iron King, Part 2)
  • Leads, does not follow – if HE’S taking a nap, then EVERYONE is taking a nap. (Iron King, Part 3)
  • Extraordinarily heroic, even in situations where heroism is completely uncalled for. (Heart of Gold)
  • Apparently the only one concerned about the well-being of others, even if it’s for long-term profits. (The Eradicator)

Gak McFlubber(™) is a living, breathing action hero! Like all action heroes, his past is shrouded in mystery and a corporate legal department that would make giant, fire-breathing mutoids run in fear. What is important to know is that Atom Action(©) is currently spinning up production of a multitude of Gak McFlubber(™) merchandise. Be the first on your section of radiated dirt to own a Gak McFlubber(™) action figure with a kung-fu grip and working plasma cannon¹! Don’t forget the Gak Mcflubber Power Armor²!

¹ Atom Action© not responsible for damages or deaths caused by misuse of plasma cannons.
² While supplies last.

Gak McFlubber Te-Em

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