Kudzu Kawasaki

Once a mutated, dumb pile of moss, sluggishly moving from point A to point B, when Kudzu became sentient and found wheels things changed. Kudzu is now lichen-on-wheels.


It was in the “before time”. Once a lowly, lonely Pueraria lobata, doing little but hanging around other trees in Japan near a Kawasaki corporation plant (the building of things kind, not the kudzu kind).

The “bright time” came, bringing with it chaos, lots of energy from the bright light and extensive spectrum of radiation that popped up all around the plant. After a few generations and growth spurts, Kudzu started changing. “He” had feelings. Weird, strange, fuzzy things. And never mind the bugs.

One hot Nipponese afternoon, Kudzu spied a half-torn apart Ninja motorcycle remnant from the Kawasaki corporation plant that once was. Odd thing about the Ninja motorcycle was its presence at this manufacturing facility. This facility was, in the before times, Kawasaki’s heavy industries research and development headquarters. Nothing average was ever done here. The Kawasaki Ninja ZZ-2500_v.ba motorcycle was intended for the Nippon Self Defense Force Special Forces squad. Fat, run-flat sticky tires; graphene coated titanium alloy engine and exhaust, Mr. Fusion fuel cells, and a wicked array of firepower micro-hardpoints accentuated this Ninja.

Kudzu was in love. He spread his stolons out to the bike and over time sought out every nook and cranny of the cycle. One late “after times” evening, when the sun set in its purple glory, Kudzu-Kawasaki rose from the ashes of the forlorn plant (both kinds) and rode off to find the new adventures which awaited…

Kudzu Kawasaki

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