Dr. Matango

A mushroom-person from deep beneath the earth, a seer, a sage amongst his peers. Why come here?


Dr. Rosencrantz Rodriguez Matango Esquire and whatever surnames he feels to add… but most call him Matango!

Matango was born in a radioactive swamp, the only fungal creature with sapience in his swamp. Of course, that didn’t stop him from making friends with the lichens and moss and that cute yeast chick from Calculus. Mmm… he wouldn’t mind fermenting that, if you catch my drift… ahem, anyways. Matango spent his abilities healing the swamp around him whenever damaged by critters, then eating the critters. Especially rabbits. F*** rabbits.

Of course, years of living in the swamp taught him something. The swamp f***ing sucks. Determined to set forth in adventure and put his healing abilities to good use, he left the swamp and learned to be a Troubleshooter. Now he takes jobs and pokes fun of the plastic doodoo face Gak and is total bros with Rock Alien Dude. Oh, and he’s a doctor now. Following the Hippopotamus Oath, Matango is dedicated to saving lives, even if it kills them! Kinda happens when you assume everyone is a fungus. Silly mammalians and their inability to regrow their limbs.

Such is the life of Matango, the Psychotic Eukaryotic, the Bold Mold, the Humongous Fungus Among Us, the Beast of a Yeast, the Spiking Lichen… ok a bit of a stretch…

PS: Fungi rule, plants drool!

Dr. Matango

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