Quorzom Antares

A silicon-based, crystalline life-form from a distant corner of the galaxy, here for reasons unknown.

  • Silicon-based life-form from somewhere off-Terra. Unknown if visiting, stranded, alone or with a group of like aliens.
  • Possesses technology to alter even the simplest of weapons to be more dangerous.
  • Occupation: Scientist (mad).
  • Armor of choice: alien “exo-armor” (heavy and shield)
  • Weapons of choice: sledgehammer (heavy one-handed), .357 S&W Magnum (heavy one-handed ranged)
  • Possesses communication/teleportation technology to return to his mothership when summoned. (Iron King, Part 2)
  • Seems to be able to break even the most advanced technology into a simple yes/no answer (especially if they happen to have on/off switches). (Iron King, Part 3)
  • Is proficient in robot-fu, the art of wielding robots as weapons. (Iron King, Part 3)
  • Hates lasers. (Iron King, Part 3)
  • Has little patience for villainous monologues. (Iron King, Part 3)
  • Thinks that “being an alien” is a valid excuse for most anything. (Heart of Gold)
  • Fantastic driver, even when having to squeeze between the dashboard and a giant. (Heart of Gold)
  • If he is an example, his species is an incredibly greedy one. May be here to harvest Gamma Terra, one bit of tech at a time. (Famine in Far-Go, Part 1)
  • His species apparently breathes nitrogen, which means here on Gamma Terra, Quorzom is pretty much perpetually high. (Famine in Far-Go, Part 2)
  • Can quickly identify the weakness of robotic entities, but makes no further effort to exploit said weaknesses. (The Eradicator)

ATTN: Chief Engineer, 3rd class, Quorzom Antares
SUBJECT: New Mission Perameters

DIRECTIVE: Assist selected sentient beings located on planet E4R77 with the acquisition of various materials deemed necessary for the furtherance of Silicoid agendas. Assistance may be provided according to need as deemed necessary by superior officers.


The hell is this? Where the flip is E4R77?
*typing *
WHAT?! That piece of bio-filth? What the crud did I do to get sent there? This is heluphant shit!

Well, maybe they’ll send me with a full contingent of solders to get this crap done quickly.
*typing *
*typing *
No. NO! They’re sending me alone? Oh, hell. Wonder who I pissed off this time…

“Tachyons my stony ass!”
– Quorzom, regarding his inability to communicate with the Silicoid mother ship, which he feels has forsaken him due to some unfortunate misunderstanding regarding an officer’s wife and a failed contraceptive.

Quorzom Antares

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