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House Rules
- All Novice Powers are at-will abilities, even if they’re written otherwise on the card/in the book, and all Utility and Expert Powers are encounter abilities.
- Driving Rules are in effect. You get a +2 to your Mechanics check when driving your car (for the sake of familiarity); you get to choose an add-on for your vehicle at 2nd level and every even level thereon (4th, 6th, etc.)
- For all intents and purposes, we’ll be using the D&D Essentials Rule Compendium for anything that the Gamma World books don’t cover – grappling, bull-rushes and so on.
- We’ll also be using my Drama Cards (external link). I spent enough time/money on them, I might as well put them to use. They’re available as shared documents on Google Docs: Copper (common), Silver (uncommon), Gold (rare) and Platinum (unique) as well as the card backs.
- Not in effect (yet), but check out some of the optional rules.

Apartment Rules
- If you let the cats out, you gotta chase ‘em down.
- Don’t let the black cat fool you – he will claw the shit out of you for no real reason. The orange cat is just the opposite, gentle as you could imagine.
- The “Joe” Rule subsets: Don’t fart into the couch cushions. Do not grab a handful of snacks, slobber over your fingers and wipe them off between your toes just before reaching for another handful. Do not expose your testicles to the player across from you without express permission from said player.
- While not often employed, the abuse of puns might invoke the Stick of Pain.
- Be Excellent to Each Other.

Oasis Troubleshooters XP: 3003
Oasis Troubleshooters Level: 4

Let’s Meet…
- Danger van der Meer
- Gak McFlubber Te-Em
- Grugnur Glacierpick
- Kudzu Kawasaki
- Dr. Matango
- Quorzom Antares

Episode Log
Oasis Troubleshooters
- Ep. 1: The Steading of the Iron King (Part 1)
- Ep. 2: The Steading of the Iron King (Part 2)
- Ep. 3: The Steading of the Iron King (Part 3)
- Ep. 4: The Heart of Gold
- Ep. 5: The Famine in Far-Go (Part 1)
- Ep. 6: The Famine in Far-Go (Part 2)
- Ep. 7: The Famine in Far-Go (Part 3)
- Ep. 8: The Famine in Far-Go (Part 4)
- Ep. 9: The Eradicator

Kali-4-Na Invaders
- Ep. 1 Meanwhile, In Tar-Nation

- Alpha Mutation – A broad term for the Weird stuff that happens to people on a seemingly daily basis on Gamma Terra when they get too involved in Dangerous Things. Maybe one day you grow an extra arm, or can shoot lasers out of your eyes. You go to sleep, you think everything’s fine, everything’s good; you wake up the next day, you’re on fire.
- The Ancients – The civilization before The Big Mistake – a bit of a hyperbole, but it sounds cool.
- The Big Mistake – Earth was kind of a nice place, once, but, SOMETHING happened. They blew it all up, damn them to hell. What we’re left with, in the hundred-plus years afterwards is Gamma Terra. Things have gotten Weird (big W and everything).
- Gamma Terra – The world this story is being told in. You’re soaking in it.
- Omega Technology – Just before, and a little whiles after The Big Mistake, humanity was making all KINDS of neat stuff. Production has slowed down a bit since then, but, Gamma Terra is still ROTTEN with all kinds of technology from the Ancients and a few other places as well.
- Six-Monkey-Slap-Slap (The Year) – Ever since civilization sort of dissolved, it’s been hard to disseminate what year it is – so people sort of make up what year it is on their own, on their own terms. SMSS is a popular one, but most people refer to past events to well-known local events. The year Timmy fell down the well. The year Timmy was trapped in a flaming barn. The year Timmy was diagnosed with M√ľnchausen syndrome.
- Weirdstorm – Weather doesn’t seem to follow any particular pattern anymore – if there were meteorologists, they’d all be fired. There’s just no way to predict a storm anymore. Not to say that there aren’t nice, breezy days, but, Mother Nature or whatever you call it has been getting awful surly lately.

Locations of Note
- Arizona Bay – oddly, California didn’t so much as sink into the ocean as it simply evaporated.
- Atlantis – That’s just a myth, stupid.
- The Cyberpapacy – what was once France, large portions of Spain and bits of other former countries being ruled by Cyberpope Jean-Malreaux I.
- East Dah-Koh-Tah
- Florida – best not to be spoken of.
- Kali-4-Na
- Lost Vegas – a city-state ruling over much of Arizona, ruled by The King.
- Nuke York – a city so nice, they nuked it twice.
- The Oasis – the floating ship-city the troubleshooters call home.
- Tar-Nation
- Urinous

Known Organizations and Companies
- Atom Action, Inc. – currently prototyping an action show/comic/toy through the use of Gak McFlubber Te-Em.
- Hell’s Angelfish – the guardians of, up until recently, the Heart of Gold.
- Plaid Stallion – maker of fine laser-based headwear; defunct.
- Quorzom AntaresAlien Overlords – mysterious purpose on Gamma Terra.
- Royal Caribbean – pre-Mistake owners of The Oasis; defunct.
- S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E.
- Soylent Corporation – taking inspiration from the science-fiction story of like name, the real company was unapologetic about it’s ingredients in the days after The Big Mistake; defunct.
- StupendiCo – robot manufacturing, experimental technologies; defunct since The Big Mistake, but products still in wide use.

Known Cryptic Alliances Cards
- Archivists (Romantics) – “If we don’t know our history, we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and we all saw how well THAT went. All Ancient things must be collected, rounded up, and studied; certainly not in the hands of people that don’t appreciate the Ancients.”
- The Brotherhood of Thought (Psions) – “Reason. Thought. Peace. These are the ways the world will heal. And those gifted with the powers of the mind shall be the masters of this new world, to herd the weak to safety, and to cull those who disobey.”
- New Dawn (Luddites) – “It was technology that got us into this mess in the FIRST place. Doesn’t that teach you anything? High tech is dangerous and should be destroyed. Time to live in the Old Ways. We can wear black hats, grow some beards, whatever we want!”
- Radioactivists (Mutants) – “The Big Mistake wasn’t a Mistake at all; it was simply giving evolution a kick-in-the-pants. So to all those that have become a Lovecraftian-horror-looking individual we say – unite! Tentacles and three eyes forever!”
- Restorationists (Survivors) – “Gamma Terra could be a better place, if people would just stop blowing each up for just a LITTLE while and get back to building up something that looks like a community. C’mon guys. Seriously. Cut it out.”

Scrapbook Pictures
- Fake Ads
- Full Banner Pictures
- Omega Tech Pictures (first batch)
- Pics from 8-5-11
- Pics from 8-19-11
- Pics from 9-23-11

- Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

Optional Rules Resources
- Gamma World Origins as D&D Races

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