The world hasn’t been the same since The Big Mistake. We all know that. Some folks have it worse than others, of course. We got people living anarchy, where gun-kings rule the land by putting a bullet in anyone that says otherwise. We got folks that live in the remnants of France, which I think is bein’ run by some kind of cybernetic pope, now. We got folks living in Florida, the poor souls.

But, it ain’t all bad. Some folks scraped away, and managed to find themselves a cozy little room on this big old floatin’ burg called The Oasis. Back in the day, seems the Ancients took these fancy big boats out for joyrides all the time, but, nowadays, it’s not a vacation, it’s home, and with every home, everyone’s gotta do their part for the place.

We have our captain, of course, and our cooks, our farmers and fishermen. The usual dregs. But this story? This is about our little neighborhood’s troubleshooters.

Our current survivors
We have taken pictures from various Ancient books that may help identify the survivors in question.*

Gak headshotMatango headshotGrugnur headshot
Quorzom headshotDanger headshotKudzu headshot2

*These may, in actuality, look nothing like the survivors. We’re grasping at straws, here.

Our Current Players
Trouble clue1


Beer Count: The same amount, but, we need our veggie drawers back, so we gettin’ tore up.
Wine Count: 1 bottle, red, all have been sampled. 1 bottle, Blue Nun, no one dares.
Other Alcohol: Smirnoff, Crown Royal, so on, so forth – oh god if I have any more vodka…

Why I’m running a Gamma World campaign:
Penny arcade gw